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Phone: (530) 346-8599


USPS mail: Mail for both the Colfax Area Heritage Museum and the Colfax Area Historical Society is received at PO Box 185, Colfax, CA 95713.

Museum location: The Colfax Area Heritage Museum is physically located at 99 Railroad St, Colfax CA 95713.

Web site:


Where and when does the Colfax Area Historical Society meet?

The CAHS holds a quarterly membership meeting and program. The meeting and program are held on a Saturday evening at 7 p.m.

There is no charge. The meeting and program are open to all CAHS members and to the public. Bring a friend. Visitors and guests are welcome. Refreshments are provided.

See our home page for the time and location of the next meeting.

Executive board:
When does the board meet?

Three to four weeks prior to each general program/ membership meeting, the executive board holds its quarterly meeting.

These meetings are open to all members and are announced in the Colfax Cobblestones newsletter, on this web site, and on our Facebook page (Colfax Area Historical Society).

How often is the the Colfax Cobblestones newsletter published?

Colfax Cobblestones is a quarterly newsletter, which is mailed a few weeks prior to the next general program/membership meeting.

Who may belong to the Society?

Anyone interested and willing to serve, including both individuals and businesses.

Yearly memberships are available for the following amounts:


Individual membership


Family (including children) membership


Business or Non-Profit Organization (includes an ad in each issue of Colfax Cobblestones)


Non-profit organizations


For more information and a membership form click here.

How is money raised and how is it used?

In addition to membership dues, we also raise money through auctions, sales, and donations. Membership dues and all money raised help us accomplish the following goals:

  • Establish and maintain an the Colfax Area Heritage Museum in the Colfax Passenger Depot building, in Colfax.

  • Maintain historical archives in a rented room at the Sierra Vista Community Center.

  • Manage a growing collection of archival artifacts and make these available for research.

  • Preserve and protect a collection of 7,500 glass negatives taken by Grace Hubley Jones, a successful commercial photographer of this area.

  • Collect and catalog photographs of early Colfax families since the 1850s.

  • Research and compile the history of early buildings in Colfax, with commemorative bronze plaques placed on buildings along Main Street.

  • Recognize and register three historical areas (Colfax depot, TAPS building and the Cape Horn Overlook ) as Historical Landmarks with the CA State Preservation Commission.

  • Research the history of various personalities in Colfax, such as Robert Fowler (aviator) and Pat Jones (journalist), and dedicate monuments to them.

  • Actively participate in coordinating Founders Day and Spring Fling in Colfax.

  • Develop a file system to assist persons searching for information on people and history of Colfax and surrounding area; start a collection of oral family histories on tape.

  • Display archival and historical materials at public events.

  • Publish and sell historical publications related to Colfax and other nearby communities

What is the purpose of the Colfax Area Historical Society?

"The objective of this Society shall be to support and promote charitable, educational and scientific work as defined by Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code as well as promote interest in the history of the Colfax area in the State of California, to support a local Museum; cooperate with other Historical Societies and local groups; to discover, collect and make accessible to the public any and all historical facts and objects; to mark places and buildings of historical interest in the Colfax Area and catalog such markers in an orderly and available manner; to accept gifts and donations from the public and other organizations; to raise funds in a legal manner to accomplish the above."