Colfax Area Historical Society

The Colfax Area Historical Society (CAHS) preserves the local history of Colfax, California,
the surrounding area, and the railroads, by collecting stories, photographs, and artifacts
about the people and buildings in this part of the Sierra foothills.

The Colfax Area Heritage Museum is open daily, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
99 Railroad Street, Colfax, CA 95713
(It is located in the Colfax Passenger Depot)
Phone: (530) 346-8599

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Colfax Cobblestones Update

Colfax Cobblestones, the quarterly newsletter of the CAHS, will resume publication in March 2016. The newsletter will be mailed about 2 weeks before the March 19, 2016, general membership meeting and program.

CAHS Archives News

Letter from the CAHS Archives Director

December 12, 2015

To the CAHS membership and our donors,

We are upgrading the CAHS Archives computer system in order to create a more complete, accurate database of every item in the Archives.

As part of this upgrade, we are reviewing each item in the CAHS collection to verify the correctness of each item's paperwork and to determine whether each item fits the CAHS's criteria for being in the collection.

Our criteria for having items in the archive collections are three-fold:

  • Geographically, we collect items from North Auburn to Dutch Flat, and from Foresthill to Grass Valley.

  • We collect items that have to do with the railroads, because the Colfax Area Heritage Museum is also a railroad museum.

  • As a local museum, we also collect items that have to do with the people, places, and events in the Colfax area.

As we review the items in the CAHS collection, we will review each whether each item fits one of the criteria for the collection. If we determine that an item does not meet the criteria, we will send the donor of the item a letter asking if the donor would like the item returned. If the donor would like it returned, we will make arrangements for them to pick it up. If the donor does not want it returned, we will determine what to do with the item at that time.


Tom Passanisi
CAHS Archive Director


Upcoming meetings

February 18, 2016
Thursday, 10 a.m.
Winter executive board meeting

March 19, 2016
Saturday, 7 p.m.
Winter general membership meeting and program

CAHS meetings are held at the Colfax Passenger Depot.

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Do you have an idea for a program?

Do you have a passion for history that you would like to share? Would you like to put on a program?

If so, please contact Walt or Bonnie Wilson at (530) 878-6640, or email them at